Writing Prompt – Half Alien

There are all sorts of imaginations as to what an alien would be if aliens did in fact exist. There is much debate on the topic with some people believing whole heartedly that aliens do exist, some people believing completely... Read more

Dialogue Prompt – Humans are Insane

This is a fun dialogue prompt from Writing-Prompt-S. How else would you describe what are presumably extraterrestrials discussing our space program and concluding that we are insane? Are we insane for doing this? Well, that is a question for another... Read more

Writing Prompt – Foolish

God is real. I know this. God is not real. You know this. We cannot both be right if that is the case. Whether in our real world or a fictional one of science fiction or fantasy there will be... Read more

Dialogue Prompt – Pickles Taste

I don’t know what you think of pickles, but outside of my tuna fish sandwiches, which apparently have pickle relish in them, I don’t want pickles in my food. I don’t like them pickled and I’d rather avoid them in... Read more