Dialogue Prompt – Humans are Insane

This is a fun dialogue prompt from Writing-Prompt-S. How else would you describe what are presumably extraterrestrials discussing our space program and concluding that we are insane? Are we insane for doing this? Well, that is a question for another day.

There are two speakers here and it’s pretty clear what was said just before the conversation that we see. The second speaker said something about our space travel, maybe exactly what they say in the prompt and the first speaker simply could not believe it.

This leads you to believe that not only is this not how they travel through space, assuming that they travel through space at all and don’t just have really good telescopes, but also they they have never done anything remotely like this in their attempts to travel through space.

There is no way to know from the prompt if the first speaker believed them after being told, again, or even if they did, but still found it crazy when they first spoke.

If they do have space travel, I would be quite curious to know how their space program progressed and what they are doing at present.

Do you think this is what aliens would think of our space travel if aliens did exist and knew about our space travel? Or do you think their space travel would have progressed similar to ours?

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