Dialogue Prompt – Identity Reveal

In this prompt by The Fake Redhead, someone has discovered someone else’s secret identity. At least I think that’s what’s going on. It could, instead, be that they are the one with a secret identity and they have decided the other person needs to know about that.

If it’s the first option, then the first question is probably how did they find out and why didn’t they bring it up when they first found out. I can imagine that once you haven’t brought it up, it would get harder to bring up later.

On the other hand, if it’s the second option, the first thing I wonder about it what their relationship is like. Why is it that the speaker wants to reveal their secret identity? Are they family? Friends? How long have they known each other? Is there anyone else who will care about them revealing that secret identity?

I think it is unlikely that there is someone who is actively making them keep their secret. At the very least, if there was, I think that they would go to that person for advise on revealing their identity to the second person.

Another question is how long have they had a secret identity. My guess is that it would be a recent development. They recently had need for a secret identity and they don’t want to be keeping secrets from the other person.

Regardless of which one of them has the secret identity there is another question to ask. What does their secret identity protect and why do they have one in the first place? Are they some sort of super hero who must hide their super powers from the world or risk their loved ones getting attacked? Are they a spy who has gained many enemies or will soon be gaining many enemies if they are new to it? Are they a celebrity who just wants to live a normal life when they aren’t enjoying entertaining people with their special talent, whatever it may be?

There are lots of things they could be a lots of reasons this topic is just coming up now. Unless this isn’t a surprise to the other person, this conversation is probably going to be a tricky one. Why do you think they chose now to bring it up?

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