Dialogue Prompt – Ghost Family

In this prompt by The Fake Redhead, it sounds like someone has a haunted house. The funny thing is they really don’t see this as either unusual or at all a problem.

On top of that it’s not just one ghost, it’s an entire family. It makes me sad thinking about the fact that most likely this means that an entire family was killed all at once. My first thought is that they lived in the house and a fire started. Maybe it didn’t burn down the whole building and they died from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Or maybe some of them escaped while others did not. Can you imagine if one of the people who lives there now was a child who survived a tragedy that took the rest of their family and now lives there with their other spouse and children wanting to be close to the family they lost or maybe allowing their family to get to know each other to some degree. Depending on if the ghosts can talk or not, they may not even know that the ghosts are family.

It is interesting that the person who lives there sees nothing unusual about having ghosts in the attic. Perhaps they have been there their entire lives and so it’s just normal. “Doesn’t everyone have ghosts in the attic?” Or maybe it’s just they are so used to the surprise that they no longer ever register it. Yeah, ghosts are normal for them. No, they aren’t normal for most people. And it’s okay that those two things don’t match. No big deal.

There is someone who doesn’t seem to be all that used to ghosts in the attic though and that’s the dog. Now, maybe they just don’t get along, but it sounds like the dog likes to bark. Based off the wording, it may not be specifically at the ghosts and just in general, but even if it’s not just at them, it does sound like it is at them some of the time indicating the dog probably doesn’t know how to handle them.

It could be that the dog is new to the family and just needs time to get used to everyone who lives there or it could be that the dog just likes to bark. Or maybe the dog senses something that no one else senses and is worried that the ghosts might be dangerous. Why do you think the dog is barking at the ghosts? And do you think it’s a common thing or a one time event?

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