Writing Prompt – Zombie and Ghost

Zombies and Ghosts are both associated with death. There are a lot of different things that come to mind when someone thinks of them, but ultimately they are both associated with death. In this prompt from Writing.Prompt.S they both come... Read more

Writing Prompt – Headstone

I have seen a lot of talk of funny tombstones and long epithets, but in general the tombstones I see are pretty similar. Occasionally an older one will list how someone died or list them as the husband or wife... Read more

Writing Prompt – Haunted Car

Driving. sigh It’s not exactly my favorite thing. I can drive and I think I am a decent driver, but I don’t really like to drive. I will drive when I need to and if I got a job where... Read more

Dialogue Prompt – Ghost Family

In this prompt by The Fake Redhead, it sounds like someone has a haunted house. The funny thing is they really don’t see this as either unusual or at all a problem. On top of that it’s not just one... Read more

Dialogue Prompt – If a Ghost Haunts Me

Do you believe in ghosts? In this prompt by Marian Elizabeth, the speaking character does not believe in them, but is open to changing their minds if a ghost decides to haunt them, maybe. Although you can easily find the... Read more