Writing Prompt – Zombie and Ghost

Zombies and Ghosts are both associated with death. There are a lot of different things that come to mind when someone thinks of them, but ultimately they are both associated with death. In this prompt from Writing.Prompt.S they both come into play.

A zombie is usually thought of as a physical being who has lost the spirit and soul of the person who was once there. They are usually sluggish, though not always and frequently have no thoughts on their minds. While they may or may not be connected to brains in a specific story, they most certainly are in the general eye of the media.

Ghosts are very different. Considered to be a spirit that no longer has their physical body, they frequently still have their mind intact. They are often thought to be missing something or to have unfinished business, some reason that they will not or cannot move on.

It stands to reason that every zombie likely either has a mind trapped somewhere in them, a spirit that has already passed on, or a ghost with unfinished business somewhere around them. The idea of a ghost trying to keep their zombie body intact until a cure is found could be played as a horror film or a comedy and I would be on board for either one.

What genre do you see this story fitting best into? Is it a horror film with rotting flesh and eating bloody brains from their victims or a comedy where a ghost keeps trying to possess their own body? Do you see another genre that it fits into instead?

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