Writing Prompt – Haunted Car

Driving. sigh It’s not exactly my favorite thing. I can drive and I think I am a decent driver, but I don’t really like to drive. I will drive when I need to and if I got a job where I needed to drive a lot, I would do it. I still wouldn’t be a fan of the actual driving though.

I do love old cars though. They are such works of art and they all have such interesting lines and character. There is so much character in old cars, not because they are old, just because most of the cars that appeal to me are older cars. If they started making more brand new cars that looked like there older cars, I would absolutely gush over how much I love the way the look, too, and sometimes I do find a car I like the look of in the newer cars.

It probably seems weird that someone who doesn’t like to drive likes cars, but I think you can appreciate a work of beauty without being the one to put it in motion.

The driver in this prompt by Writing.Prompt.S is way past a bad driver. If you are on a first name basis with you insurance company because of accidents, you are a bad driver or else you had one extremely bad accident. It sounds like all the accidents this driver has had so far have been in the same car, so maybe a lot of fender benders. This one was obviously bad.

The driver bought a haunted car and a haunted car indicates to me a car that had an accident where someone died. It is also possible that this was just the ghosts prized possession, but it seems more likely that the car was involved in an accident where someone died. The ghost might not have been the driver of the car or even in the car. It could have been a collision with a cyclist or a pedestrian. It’s also possible that instead of an accident someone died of a disease or other cause on the way to a hospital.

Considering the ghost is going to help keep the driver from getting in more accidents, my mind is leaning toward this person was not driving a car that caused an accident and instead either was a victim of another driver causing one or another cause of death. What do you think the ghost died of?

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