Dialogue Prompt – Busy Kidnappers

In this prompt by The Fake Redhead, we have a character who has been kidnapped, not once or even twice, but three times in a single week. This presents a rather interesting question. How’d the keep escaping?

There is also the more obvious question of what makes them so interesting that kidnappers keep coming after them, but if they didn’t keep escaping, the kidnappers couldn’t keep getting to them, unless the kidnappers are taking them from other kidnappers, but that is not at all the impression I get from the prompt.

This is not a person who hasn’t been home in a week and just wants to sleep in their own bed for once. This is someone who is just so done with kidnappers because they are annoying, not because they are dangerous.

A character like this has a pretty strong personality. They may have some people they are calmer around and it may take a lot to get a rise out of them, but even if both of those things are true, they definitely have a strong memorable personality. They aren’t someone you are likely to forget.

I can see this character being very set in their ways, knowing what they want and how to get it. And being thrice kidnapped in a week is definitely not on the schedule. Not that it’s on anyone’s plans for their week, but this character is going to do something about it. Now, that something may well be talk back to their abductor or internally rail at everything going on, because have a strong, memorable personality doesn’t mean you are physically strong or that you can stop a bullet. It also doesn’t mean you aren’t those things, because they are two different parts of a character.

I brushed on why they were kidnapped, but people get kidnapped for a lot of reasons. They could have been kidnapped as leverage against a loved one, maybe a parent, sibling, or significant other who is in some sort of position of power such as a politician or the CEO of a company. Maybe they come from money and someone is after a ransom. Or it could be the opposite and people think the lack of money means they won’t be missed, though I would think such a person would not be targeted for kidnapping multiple times in the same week unless it was the same people trying to make sure their victim doesn’t remember something that will cause trouble for them. What reason do you think the kidnappers have for taking them? And do you think there is one kidnapper or multiple?

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