Writing Prompt – Twin Crime Boss

It’s not hard for most people to imagine having a twin. Most of us don’t have one, but they aren’t so uncommon that we don’t know someone who is a twin, triplet, or larger multiple or at least we know someone who knows someone or we have seen them on TV.

It’s pretty common.

If you aren’t one of a multiple birth, you probably don’t really understand what it’s like, but you can guess or pretend and maybe you have.

Now, imagine that you are a normal everyday citizen of where ever you live and you have an identical twin sister. You might be close or maybe you aren’t. Either way you have been mistaken for each other your entire life. People who don’t know you well keep thinking you are her and she is you.

It’s getting pretty problematic.

To be clear, it didn’t used to be a big problem. It was just kind of something that was. No one cared, you least of all. Why would you when it was just an understandable misunderstanding. Sure you wouldn’t like it if it was your parents or your friends, but the grocer or gas station attendant who saw you once a week at best, no problem.

Except now your sister has turned to a life of crime in a big way and you are an upstanding citizen. You do not need the police thinking you are the most dangerous crime boss in the city or the people who call into the tip line.

It’s not as if you want your sister to get in trouble either, but you don’t want people thinking you are her. It’s kind of awkward, especially when her lieutenants mix up the two of you and ask for orders.

“Get out of me face. Those are my orders.”

What do you think would become of these twin sisters. Is one sister going to get in trouble for what the other is doing?

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