Writing Prompt – Opposite Side of the Law Twins

You are a twin. As has been said previously, this isn’t that uncommon of a thing to imagine because twins are not an uncommon group of siblings.

This prompt from Writing-Prompt-S is a little different than the last in that it involves supernatural abilities, in this case telepathy. It also appears to be tailored to a male set of twins and while it seems likely they are identical, it doesn’t say that, so it is possible that these are fraternal twins.

The motivation of the second twin seems clear. He wants to stop his twin. He may want to be the one to take him down so that his twin is safe from harm or he may believe that as his twin it is his responsibility to protect the world from his twin. Either way, he is doing what he can to stop him and this is his main reason for being in a career pursuing criminals.

The prompt doesn’t say what specific career either twin has or in what way they are accomplishing their goals. It doesn’t say if the criminal twin is a white collar criminal or if he is violent, leaving bodies in his wake. It doesn’t tell us if the other twin is with the police, if he’s a detective or a crime scene investigator, or if he is a lawyer, a private investigator, or even a politician trying to change the laws to help in some way with catching his twin that way.

There are a lot of potential situations here and it’s hard to say what is the facts in the matter, but that’s where you come in. What kind of jobs and personalities would you give to these twins? And which one will come out at the top in the end?

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