Writing Prompt – Kid Dimension

This is so bizarre to me and I think it could make an absolutely fascinating read. If you want to use this prompt, please tell me. It’s not my idea, but I want to read your book.

So the first thing we have here is kids who are raised away from their parents, kids who don’t really get the chance to meet their parents until they are adults. That brings the question of who does raise these kids?

I supposed it’s possible that the older kids raise them. After all you are going to have kids ranging in age from newborn to to seventeen in this kid dimension. The older ones can take care of themselves, but the younger ones really cannot.

My mind likes to go to well, what about the first kids that went to this dimension. I have a hard time accepting that this is how it always was, but maybe it was. Maybe the very first human child went to this kid dimension and stayed there until they were an adult.

Assuming that’s not true though, how did this start? Is it a societal thing? I have to assume that everyone in this society has been to this dimension, so what happened to them there. Do the kids learn every thing they need for life? Or maybe it’s a constant party and they are constantly having fun not learning anything about responsibility. How are these newborns sent there and how do the new adults return to the adult dimension?

I have so many questions and I want to read this book. I want to know what kind of story people come with using it. If I can find a way to use it, I will, but right now it doesn’t fit with what I am writing. Maybe it fits with your story world. How would you use it?

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