Writing Prompt – Interrogation Photos

This prompt makes me think of an episode of Mission Impossible that I watched years ago. It was an interesting story, as they tend to be, where they were trying to convince a man that they had found the Fountain of Youth. This involved making photos that looked like they were from a long time ago and over many generations of the same person.

I forget why they were trying to do this, but one scene is rather vivid in my mind where he is in a room with one of the women and he prevents her from taking a pill that he has been lead to believe keeps her from aging. Right on schedule, she starts to rapidly age in front of his eyes and ultimately she dies. At least that’s what he is lead to believe. What really happened is completely different, but it is the last thing needed to convince him that this is indeed the fountain of youth. Mission over. Wrap things up and roll credits. Having been born long after the show was first on the air, I watched the episodes in a very haphazard original order, but I think this was one of the first episodes I saw.

This prompt is similar to that in that it involves someone looking at photos and coming to a conclusion. We don’t actually know what that conclusion is, because demanding to know who you are could just mean that he wants to know who he is charging before he does so, but it also could mean that he believes that you are much older than you claim. Now, that conclusion might be accurate or there could be something going on similar to what happened in that episode I mentioned. Which do you think it is?

For me one thing I wonder about this prompt is what those pictures were. Were they important historical events or just random points in time that are clearly discernible from the dress of the people around and the buildings nearby? It would be kind of funny if it turns out the character is some sort of reenactor. It would be concerning if they are someone who has been in the background at multiple important events, especially to the man interrogating them who doesn’t know what their motives are. Again, which do you think it is?

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