Writing Prompt – How You Saved Earth

So I did the math for this particular prompt from Writing.Prompt.S and since it’s just multiples of 10 it was easy. This person absolutely saved the planet.

With our current population being around 8 billion, this is slightly low for the current population, but if something happened that lowered the population a bit or if this took place before the population hit 8 billion this would absolutely indicated that this character saved the planet.

So what happened?

Obviously we don’t know. That is left up to the author. We know that the character has a bad hangover. This indicates a familiarity with alcohol that I don’t have. On the rare occasion I’ve had alcoholic beverages, I have only had a sip and quickly changed to something else, like water or milk, juice if it was an option. It just doesn’t appeal to me, so I don’t actually know what a hangover feels like, but I know it’s not pleasant.

I looked it up though and it is possible to get a hangover without having consumed any alcohol. This can, but doesn’t necessarily, come from too much sugar. This makes sense to me since alcohol converts to sugar and thus is super bad for diabetics. I had a grandfather who died long before I was born who “liked alcohol,” was diabetic, and died of some sort of problems with his liver. I don’t know if he was alcoholic, but I know liking alcohol when you are diabetic is bad.

Back on topic since I doubt the particularly rowdy night involved raiding the Halloween candy supply, though you never know. This person while presumably impaired by alcohol or at the very least impaired by something that caused a hangover saved the planet. Did this make them lose their inhibitions and do things they normally wouldn’t? What are they going to find when they start asking around?

If they were out with other people then I would think the first place they would go would be to the phone to call their friends and find out what they have to say about what happened the night before. What will they say?

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