Writing Prompt – Best Friend Betrayal

Not sure what I was thinking when I wrote this, but my guess is I was watching too many YouTubers read reddit posts. Or just enough. Nothing says it has to be too many, just that it was enough that I came up with this post. Of course, I was also aiming for something with lots of angsty emotions in it and I think this definitely works for that.

We are often told to forgive and forget and while that is definitely something that is best for us mentally, sometimes it’s not easy. Actually, a lot of times it’s not easy. On top of that, some grievances are a lot easier to forgive, let alone forget, than others.

As with most of my prompts, I tried to make this one gender neutral since these are things that can happen to anyone regardless of who they are. People can get hurt no matter who they are and people can be the one doing the hurting no matter who they are.

This particular kind of hurt only comes from a very specific relationship with both other people involved. It is a very difficult breach of trust to get over, because both of the other people involved were supposed to be people that could be trusted no matter what.

Which betrayal do you think would hurt more? The best friend, who you likely had been through a lot with and had almost certainly shared difficult things with over the years? Or the beloved who you presumably were planning on marrying very soon, someone you thought you could spend the rest of your life with?

Had their relationship always been one of betrayal? Or had they fallen into it by mistake and chose not to get out of it? Was this the first time they betrayed you? Or the last? Is this something that your character would be able to forgive and if they did, would they continue to let either of these people be a part of their life?

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