Writing Prompt – Family Business Slaughter

This writing prompt is based off a story line I am planning for a series I am working on. One of the main characters works for his family’s business as a chef. One evening near close the restaurant is attacked... Read more

Character Bank – Street Smart vs. Book Smart

This month all of the prompts that come out will be ones I came up with to share with you. This first one is based off a pair of sisters in one of my stories. I made the prompt based... Read more

Writing Prompt – Human-Demon Twins

This prompt is based off some characters I created for some stories of mine. They are, in the grand theme of things, rather minor characters. The series they are in defines demons as basically being basically another race of beings... Read more

Character Bank – No Prophecy

I am dedicating this prompt to my youngest sibling. There are no prophecies in my family, but the youngest sibling often feels like there is no place for them and while I don’t think she thinks that way, I think... Read more

Dialogue Prompts – Mommy and Daddy Love You

This is not something any child ever wants to hear their parent say. I’m not sure very many children would even imagine their parent saying this, but other than the we love you, they don’t want to hear it. In... Read more

Writing Prompt – Kid Dimension

This is so bizarre to me and I think it could make an absolutely fascinating read. If you want to use this prompt, please tell me. It’s not my idea, but I want to read your book. So the first... Read more

Character Bank – Oldest Sibling

With many of my writing prompts I try to keep them gender neutral, but with this one I wanted to put a male child in this role rather than leave it to either. You can of course change that and... Read more

Writing Prompt – Loki’s Godchild

My only real exposure to Loki is the MCU, so I’m not exactly well versed. Well, that and Supernatural, but that isn’t exactly known for being even remotely accurate to the mythology. Given all that I am not going to... Read more

Writing Prompt – We’re Brothers

This prompt is both very sweet and very sad. The main character is at least far enough apart in age to not suspect that his dad wasn’t his biological dad. It’s not stated if he was adopted at birth or... Read more

Character Bank – Military Clerics

Sometimes there is a fine line between discipline and abuse. While it is possible that the main character is an unreliable narrator and this character was just being disciplined, that seems very unlikely. First is ways he was beaten. People... Read more