Dialogue Prompt – Repeat Childhood Twice

In this prompt by The Fake Redhead, we have a character who has definitely had a different kind of life. We may not know a lot about them, but what we do know is well, a lot.

Anyone who has ever had trouble dealing with people can sympathize with others having the same problem, but most of them probably haven’t had it to the extreme that this person probably has. When I read this prompt I always seem to see a young woman, probably in her late teens by appearance who has her hands on her hips as she leans in at someone else who is probably holding up their hands in a calm down kind of gesture. She’s had enough and she doesn’t care who knows.

And really, who could blame her with the life she says she has lead.

For most people childhood is a time filled with a mixture of wanting to grow up and enjoying life as you don’t realize just how quickly childhood is slipping away from you. Certainly some people have it much harder, some wishing away childhood to escape a bad situation, but in general most people have some enjoyment from childhood.

Can you imagine living what likely was a relatively normal life and getting to a point where you suddenly started over? Given the information she gives if this took place in present day then her current childhood might have started in the mid 2000s. Maybe the one before that started in the early ’90s or late ’80s. We don’t know if she died or just had a sudden reset for some other reason, but if she had reached 60, she’s have been born in the late ’20s, early ’30s. If she had died of old age, she might have been born even as early as around the turn of the century.

What kind of life would a person born in the late Victorian era have as a high schooler in the 2020s? Everything that was common sense when she was originally a child would be utter nonsense now. She might still have the mindset of someone who grew up during that time period and dealing with people would be extremely difficult. She’d relate better to World War II veterans than she would to her so call peers and even then she very possibly could have children the age of the vets if she was on the older side of these estimates.

This would not be an easy life for her.

What do you think might have caused her situation? In what way is she unable to develop people skills and how does that affect her perception of people for better or worse?

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