Dialogue Prompt – Purple Hands

As you can tell I like The Fake Redhead‘s prompts. This one is funny. There really isn’t a lot to it and not much to say about what is there, but I will try and see what I can say.

I guess I will start with the color. Although it’s probably not relevant, purple is a color often associated with royalty. This has to do with the rarity of the material used to make a dye to make cloth and other things purple.

Of course given that the character doesn’t know how their hands got to be purple, maybe it is relevant. Since there is no clear indication if they know each other or not, this could be part of a conversation on an initial meeting. The second character could have just had their hands turned purple or this could be a mystery that they have had to live with their entire life.

There’s also the possibility that the second line is only because the character doesn’t want to explain the situation that lead to purple hands and they are stalling while trying to come up with a reasonable answer that would satisfy the first person.

For some reason this prompt makes me think of McDonald’s Grimace and Sesame Street’s Snuffleupagus, the latter of which who is not even purple. How about you? Does this prompt make you think of something specific?

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