Dialogue Prompt – Pile of Chick Flicks

Another fun one by Marian Elizabeth. It is a common stereotype that men don’t like chick flicks. I can’t say I am too fond of them myself. They aren’t bad so much as there are other movies that interest me a lot more, like action/adventure and superhero movies.

Because of the stereotype, the speaker in this case is probably supposed to be a man. Doesn’t have to be. I know a man who says he’s the one more into chick flicks while his wife is more into the action/adventure type movies. Not the norm, but not a problem either. It does mean you can do whatever you like with the speaker and make them whomever in this relationship.

Another thing is this doesn’t have to be a romantic couple. This could be a couple of friends who like to hang out for movie night. Maybe even more than just two people and the one whose house they are going to for this particular movie night really isn’t into chick flicks.

It’s probably especially pointed when you note that the speaker didn’t say, “you brought over a chick flick.” They said, “you brought over a pile of chick flicks…” This probably wasn’t meant to be a single movie night.

I suppose it’s possible that people just bring a bunch of movies so that everyone has more choices, but it feels more like one person brought movies for everyone to watch and the plan was to watch all of them. This especially makes sense if there really are just two people.

If this is a dating couple, I hope that they have stuff in common outside of their movie interest, because clearly that’s not connecting. I definitely get that one person shouldn’t always dictate the movie selection and if you have one person always picking and this is the one time the second person picked movies, this does not bode well for their relationship. If on the other hand the one bringing over the chick flicks is the one who always picks the movies and the other person asked them to, just this once, not bring chick flicks, it still doesn’t bode well for their relationship, but in the opposite direction. Doesn’t mean they can’t be friends, but watching movies together probably doesn’t work well for them.

Do you think this is a dating couple, a couple of friends, or two people in a group of friends? And do you think this will cause problems for them in the long run or is it just a tiny bump in the road?

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