Dialogue Prompt – More Than You

In this prompt from The Jittery Junebug, there isn’t a lot to go on, but that is part of what makes it fun. There are so many ways you can go with it. This is the first prompt I have included from Gretchen Dyson of The Jittery Junebug, but I definitely want to see more.

In this prompt we have two people. We don’t know what is going on, but the first person sounds suspicious of the second person while the second person sounds kind of flippant. The topic could be anything.

They could be talking about the proper way to make a grilled cheese sandwich for all we know. Maybe they are talking about their play style in The Sims. Are they Family Simmers, Builders, CAS Simmers? So many options. Maybe they just don’t agree on that.

It’s fun to imagine what they might be talking about, to wonder what topic does one claim to know more about than the other and to also wonder, if that’s actually true.

That isn’t to say it couldn’t be a more serious subject. Maybe one of them is dating the sibling of the other and the sibling just found out that their brother or sister is doing something dangerous, but when they bring it up to their friend who is dating that sibling, the friend doesn’t look at all surprised, so they ask what their friend knows about this. Makes the reply sound a lot less flippant, though of course it might still be even in that conversation.

Or maybe one of them just learned that their parents are keeping a big secret and when they mention it to the other, the other person just looks at them with pity. Why didn’t anyone ever tell them?

A lot of things could be going on, but the question is what is going on? Is it something simple and light like discussing preferences on food or a game where they differ, passionate, but not ultimately life changing unless they let it be? Or is it something more serious, like a secret that changes their whole life or someone who is in danger if something doesn’t change?

Anything could be happening, so what do you think is happening? And will anything change when the conversation is over?

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