Dialogue Prompt – Hard to Miss

Gossip can ruin people’s lives. Sometimes it is deserved, but even then is it really the right choice to make?

In this prompt something pretty big has been said about one of these two characters and while they care, the other person does not. It is clear that the second person has either heard the gossip and doesn’t care or that they don’t even care to hear what it is despite the first person being so sure that the news must have reached them.

There are so many potential things that this could be that I couldn’t begin to think of them all and most likely if I came up with a list of one hundred potential ideas, you could come up with a list of one hundred potential items that were completely different if you chose.

There is the possibility that whatever is being said is something that the second person actually would care about despite their confidence to the contrary. Maybe the first person is deliberately responsible for the death of someone the second person loved. Maybe they share a parent and had no idea until today.

It is a pretty open ended prompt that gives you the chance to draw two people closer together or push them apart. This could be a big conflict in your story or it could be the ending of the conflict as the first character realizes that despite how big the news is, no one who matters cares one bit about it. The potential is not limitless, but the limit is pretty high.

When you read this prompt, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Is this a conflict about to start or is it one about to end? Will this news, whatever it is, make things better for the first character or will they make them worse?

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