Dialogue Prompt – Feverish Assassin

This prompt is both funny and serious at the same time. The Fake Redhead does a great job of showing off the potential of either option or even both.

It is interesting to note that the person in the quote has no problem telling the person on the other end of the call that they have an assassin with them. This likely means that they can trust the other person to not do something about the situation other than what they want.

Based off the fact that the speaker seems to be indicating that they are caring for the assassin it seems likely that they don’t want anything to happen to them.

This also tells us that the assassin trusts the speaker. They are in bad shape, almost certainly far better than they think they are, but in their mind they are in bad shape and this is who they go to, who they trust.

There is, of course, a possibility that the speaker is kidding about them being an assassin. Maybe this is someone who likes to pretend to be an assassin or even just played on in a stage play or on a TV show. It’s entirely possible the the next couple lines are, “What do you mean an assassin!”

“Oh, it’s just Jerry. Don’t worry about it. He’s harmless to everyone other than those fictional characters on ‘A Day in the Life of Assassins.’ He’ll be in next weeks episode.”

What do you think? Is this character really an assassin or do they just play one on TV? And what will happen after this conversation is done?

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