Dialogue Prompt – Destroy Him

In this prompt by The Fake Redhead, we have a character who cares enough about someone else not to date him. She doesn’t think it would be a good relationship for him, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t like him.

Considering she is trying to protect him from herself, she might like him and just think they are bad for each other or she might not like him like that, but still think they are bad for each other. Of course she doesn’t say she doesn’t like him, so that might be telling. Or it might be the next thing she says after the prompt is over.

What is this guy like who one friend it trying to set up with the other? Well, we know he probably likes the second speaker. I can imagine this conversation coming after a conversation between him and the second speaker where there was very flirty undertones.

Maybe the two of them have even talked about dating and she’s turned him down. Or maybe she preemptively tried to turned him down. She could have tried to make it seem like she didn’t get his hints or told him in a roundabout way that she wouldn’t date him.

Reminds me of a conversation I once had with a guy I liked. Pretty clear we both liked each other, which for me is impressive, because I mostly don’t pick up on those things, but it was pretty clear to me and to him. Problem was we disagreed on some pretty fundamental things and I’m not dating someone I won’t marry and I’m not marrying someone I can’t agree with on certain things. One day there was a conversation that was pretty much, “Yeah, we can’t date,” and it still makes me a little sad to think about it, because I really did like this guy and there was no future in it.

Another thing we know about this guy is that at least in the mind of the first speaker, he would enjoy someone destroying him. To be fair, it may not be just anyone destroying. It may just be her destroying him, but it is an interesting to note about him. Was she right and if she was, what would that entail?

Do you think the second speaker was right to not date this guy? Do you think they ever discussed it? Did she make it clear to him that this wasn’t happening and he was trying to change her mind? Or do you think he was unaware that she knows of his interest and doesn’t want to date?

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