Dialogue Prompt – Crashing My Own Funeral

Another dialogue prompt from The Fake Redhead, this one made me think of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. I really like the prompts The Fake Redhead created and I enjoy sharing them with you.

If you know the story of Tom Sawyer, you should know why this makes me think of him. Tom and Huck went off on an adventure and due to some problems they ran into, everyone thought they were dead. They managed to get back to time in time for Tom’s funeral and crashed it, causing quite a stir.

Of course this goes further than that.

Tom only crashed his funeral once, at least one would hope so. This character has not only crashed their own funeral five times, but it’s so common place to them that they forgot how many times it’s happen.

It does make me wonder about a few things. The first is the person they are with. This person has no problem discussing how many times the other person has crashed their own funeral. It is not implied that the second person is also crashing their own funeral, but they do seem close, so why weren’t they at the funeral. Were they with the first person and for some reason no funeral was being held for them? Or perhaps they were just that confident that no funeral was needed.

The second thing it makes me wonder is, why after four funerals crashed by the “guest of honor” are they holding a fifth? What made them confident that this time it’s going to stick, especially given that it clearly didn’t? Or did it? Is the person crashing a ghost? It doesn’t appear that way, but I guess it’s possible. How long has this person been believed dead?

I think this is a very interesting prompt and I’m curious. What do you make of it?

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