Dialogue Prompt – Bowling

This new dialogue prompt is an interesting one by Shauna Philp. I think what is most interesting is that the speaker thinks they have a choice in a situation that is clearly being run at someone else’s whim.

I think it most likely that these two or more characters involved in this prompt have known each other at least a little bit of time in order for the one of them to feel comfortable joking to the other or others about their situation.

Most people would not be too thrilled fighting for their lives, so what is the situation. They clearly are in a modern or semi-modern world, since they are talking casually about going bowling. Although bowling in various forms has been around for millennia, casual bowling only seems to be around for the last couple centuries.

Of course this does depend on how you define casual. I suppose if someone had the equipment at their home, they could talk about this casually, but it just really seems like they are talking about going to a bowling alley.

It’s been many years, but I was on a bowling team once upon a time. As with most sports I try, I wasn’t all that good, but it was a lot of fun and I still enjoy bowling from time to time. Most likely if I had put enough effort into it or stuck with the league for longer than one season, I would have improved, but for me it was just a casual pastime. How about you? Do you like to bowl?

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