Character Bank – Pudgy Knight

In yesterday’s character bank, we discussed a female knight who liked to gossip and is a descent poet. Just for fun, I found another knight, this one a male, who is also a poet. Maybe the two of them come from the same story or even the same kingdom.

Similar to our female knight, our male knight is tall with a pale complexion. He is described as a bit pudgy, which also fits with her and he is an excellent poet.

That’s where the similarities end. His weapon of choice is a bow, something that probably is not used by a knight in modern day, but could be used in a fantasy or sci-fi setting, especially on opposing sides with different technology levels. His missing fingers could be a sign of years of combat or they could be a sign of an accident when he was young. This is something you’ll have to decide if you use him.

His hair is longer than hers and definitely darker. He has green eyes that can be rather less common than her brown ones and there really isn’t a whole lot more on here about him. What do you think his story is? Is he a character you could see yourself using?

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