Celebrating 248 Years of Independence

Yes, you read that right. In honor of the 239th birthday of the United States of America, I decided to tell you a little about one of my characters who was born around 1776, October 11, 1775 to be exact. His name is Charles “Charlie” Garron, and his first appearance in the series is in Cupid which takes place in 2024, hence 248 years.

As you can no doubt tell by the fact that he is 248 when he first appears, Charlie has a long life span. He has an older brother, James, who’s celebrating his 250th birthday. Or James would be celebrating his 250th birthday if anyone knew where to find him. Charlie is worried about his brother, but when you first meet him, he has more immediate concerns for his own life.

Living so many years, Charlie has held many professions over the course of his life. His current profession is as a model, usually just known as Charlie, but his favorite was when he taught American History.

What was your favorite job that you’ve done?

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