Dialogue Prompt – Wine and Pants

Alcoholic beverages have a way of releasing people from their inhibitions. Sometimes this can be a good thing, but more frequently it leads to problems, usually minor ones. Things such as what is in the prompt from The Fake Redhead... Read more

Writing Prompt – Immortal In Love

This prompt is a little dark since it involves the main character’s wife trying to kill them. At the same time there is some humor in the fact that the main character can’t die and is actively just letting her... Read more

Writing Prompt – I Love You Villain

This is the first prompt I have brought here from Food for Thought writing prompts, which appear to be by Addison Brooks. I couldn’t find a website for Addison, so I am including a link to the pinterest board instead.... Read more

Writing Prompt – Interrogation Photos

This prompt makes me think of an episode of Mission Impossible that I watched years ago. It was an interesting story, as they tend to be, where they were trying to convince a man that they had found the Fountain... Read more

Writing Prompt – Magical Drinks

Can you imagine if your drink had magical properties? Magic is something that many people like to imagine and wonder about and it’s something we don’t know, not really, how we would react if it actually was real. With this... Read more

Writing Prompt – Sewer Portals

This writing prompt is an interesting what-if that would work wonderfully in fantasy or sci-fi, depending on how you decided to handle it. Unlike most prompts, this one has a very specific location, thought of course you could change it... Read more

Character Bank – Rival Half-Siblings

This is the first character bank entry I have made that I am including on here. I have others that will be making an appearance over the next year and I hope you like them. This one is inspired by... Read more

Dialogue Prompt – Bowling

This new dialogue prompt is an interesting one by Shauna Philp. I think what is most interesting is that the speaker thinks they have a choice in a situation that is clearly being run at someone else’s whim. I think... Read more

Pampers Name Generator?

As with the Huggies one I did a while back in November, this one was a bit of a surprise. I guess I shouldn’t be surprise that a site dedicated to diapering the bottoms of babies would want to get... Read more

Dialogue Prompt – Purple Hands

As you can tell I like The Fake Redhead‘s prompts. This one is funny. There really isn’t a lot to it and not much to say about what is there, but I will try and see what I can say.... Read more