Writing Prompt – I Love You Villain

This is the first prompt I have brought here from Food for Thought writing prompts, which appear to be by Addison Brooks. I couldn’t find a website for Addison, so I am including a link to the pinterest board instead.

I’m not exactly good at romances and honestly I’m not sure if this is a romance or some sort of trick on the part of the hero. It could be either which is one of the things that makes it a good prompt, there are multiple paths you could take that would be very different.

I can just imagine that the hero and the villain do not know each others everyday identities and now at the end the villain doesn’t care about that and revealed whom he or she was. The hero looks at them and sees the person they love. That would certainly be a shock.

Or they could still not know each other’s identities, but have fallen in love with the personality of the person they have been fighting. Looks aren’t the most important thing and it would be interesting to find that you had fallen in love with someone who was the exact opposite of who you were right down to opposing values.

And, again, it could be a trick, a way to buy time for rescue or to catch the villain off guard or even just to get the villain to look back on this with regret later on. What do you think is going on here? Is the confession of love real or is there something else behind it? Do you think the villain will decide to spare the hero as a result of it?

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