Writing Prompt – Younger Sister

Imagine living in a world where superheroes and supervillains are real. Have you got that image in your head? Okay, good. Now, think about your siblings, especially if they are younger. If you don’t have any think about your friends and the relationship they have with their siblings, especially younger ones.

Now imagine that something happened to that younger sibling you or your friend cares so much about, that they disappeared without a trace and you don’t know what happened to them or how to find them.

That’s how this villain appears to be reacting. The villain, whose gender is not identified any more than the superhero’s gender is, lost his little sister. We aren’t given much info about that, such as how long she’s been missing, how old she was at the time, or even how old she is now.

It’s most likely that the little sister disappeared when she was pretty young or else she probably remembers something of the villain. That would present an interesting story, if she remembers her older sibling, but not enough to find them. Did their parents die or did something else separate them?

Then, there is the question of how she came to be adopted into the superhero’s family. And even if the superhero is adopted as well. Obviously in a family with an adopted child, there is nothing that says all the children are adopted, but it’s more likely that a sibling is, so it’s possible. What are the superhero’s parents like? How close is the villain’s little sister to her adopted family?

I like superhero stories. How about you? Would you want to read and/or write this story?

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