Writing Prompt – Soulmate Colors Default

There are a lot of posts out there about soulmates and the one about touching your soulmate turns everything to color has several varieties. In this one by Writing-Prompt-S there is an interesting twist on this idea.

What if you found your soulmate when you were too young to remember? It’s hard to say for sure what they would mean, but it would certainly make finding them difficult.

Of course just because you can’t remember the moment when you two first touched, that doesn’t mean your soulmate can’t. Perhaps they, like you, were too young to remember, but perhaps they were a little older, a small child old enough to tell their parent about when happened, that they can now see all the colors or maybe even an older child or teen who is confused as to why touching a tiny baby would reveal that baby to be their soulmate.

It is an interesting prospective and one that begs a lot of questions. To start with how would you go about finding out who your soulmate was in this situation. Clearly they have not found you, so even if they do remember, maybe they don’t remember enough or maybe they don’t care.

At what point would you realize that seeing color wasn’t the default and what it meant that you could see color all along? If you got to adulthood that seems to mean that people didn’t talk about it all that much. Maybe they only talked about seeing color with the people closest to them because they didn’t want to have their joy ruined by someone who didn’t like them or maybe it was just a private thing and they wanted to keep it to themselves. Either way, what might come from this situation and do you think the protagonist will ever find their soulmate?

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