Writing Prompt – Random Respawn Point

Continuing the theme from yesterday, this prompt has an interesting idea attached to it. Yesterday was about continuing after a game over. Today’s prompt is about a respawn point.

So from what I know of respawn points, they are always somewhere you have been. Born and raised in California, I spent the majority of my childhood within fifty miles of where I grew up. I just looked up two of the farther cities we occasionally traveled to and it’s just crazy how compact the area I grew up in compared to where I live now. Before the time I was ten I had traveled half way across the country more than once and far south of where I lived and so far north of where I lived that we actually left the country, so even if it is based off a place we had been before, it would not be impossible that my respawn point was in another country and that’s just kind of wild.

That’s not what this says though. It says their respawn point is randomly assigned at birth, so by the time you are born your respawn point already has been chosen, so you could have a respawn point in a country not only you, but no member of your family had been to. Depending on how well these respawn points work, you could also have a respawn point in a solid structure. I would hope that if you were going to land in solid matter it would push you away to the nearest spot where you wouldn’t instantly die.

I think if I chose I’d pick some place like the field behind my childhood home, because convenience, but the place that keeps poping into my mind, most likely because of the picture I chose, is Yosemite. I have been there several times both as a child and as an adult and other than that one time when my sister and I had a run in with some guys on bicycles, I can’t think of any bad times there. Where would your respawn point be if you had to pick and is there another place that makes no sense, but keeps drawing you as the actual answer?

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