Writing Prompt – No Time Left

For many people hospitals are a scary place. They represent bad things happening, loved ones who are sick, or who have died.

For the people who work at the hospitals, there is a chance to make a difference. They are one of the last defenses people have against illness and injury. They have the ability to keep people from reaching death’s door in many cases.

There are some times when a person is neither so easily won nor so easily lost such as when someone goes into a coma. In this prompt the main character is a nurse checking in on a coma patient only to find them wake up and want their attention, but not for medical reasons.

I cannot imagine how I would react in this nurse’s place. I don’t imagine I would be very calm and if someone really was coming after this person then they would probably come after anyone that they talked to as well.

Of course it’s also possible that the lack of time has to do with just general health and maybe the patient wants you to make sure something gets passed on to their next of kin, but this seems unlikely given the details such as being fully alert. What do you think the coma patient has to say and do you think any of your characters would help them with whatever it is?

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