Writing Prompt – Mismatched Eyes

This is a short little character bank, but I like it anyway. All this prompt by The Sarcastic Muse tells us is that this character is a male with heterochromia with hair long enough to almost hide his eyes.

You may already know what heterochromia is, but in case you don’t it is a condition rarely found in humans, but found in some animals with some frequency. Wordnik describes it as the following:

▪ an anatomical condition in which multiple pigmentations or colorings occur in the eyes, skin or hair.

The rarity of this condition in humans is what made me decide to include this prompt despite its length. There is nothing of his personality unless one includes an inclination for slightly longer hair as part of a personality and perhaps one might argue that personal preferences are part of a person personality. We don’t know if these are bangs and the rest of his hair is much longer or even much shorter. We don’t know if he likes to hide behind his hair or if this is an annoyance that he puts up with because he likes the way his hair looks. What kind of hairstyle do you think he has?

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