Writing Prompt – Knight of the Order of Saint Good Boy

As a cat owner, I find this questionable. Oh, sure I don’t see my cat ever being a knight, but I also don’t think he would ever see me as a harvestable resource.

I did grow up with a lot of animals. Currently I have a cat and the majority of the pets in my family as a whole are cats. I’m pretty sure that my sister is the most important thing in the world to one of my sister’s cats, a cat who happens to be the liter-mate of my cat.

On the other hand the dog we had when I was a child I can absolutely see as a knight from the Order of Saint Good Dog. My most vivid memory of him is when we were playing in our pool in the backyard. It was a large portable pool about eighteen inches deep and he was absolutely convinced we were going to die. Our little Sheltie was driving himself crazy trying to rescue us from that pool. I don’t know how other kids would have reacted but at five or six years old I thought it was the funniest thing in the world. We made a game of trying to escape him and I got bit on the rear end for my teasing when I got close enough that he could grab me and try to get me out of the pool. Pretty sure I was stronger than he was even at that age, but he tried and he was such a sweetheart.

I also find it interesting that it mentions specifically stray cats since almost every pet we had while I was growing up, with some very hamster and rabbit exceptions was a stray either we or someone we knew found or from a liter that a stray someone we knew found. One cat came from a shelter, absolutely sweetie who also found the same sister mentioned above to be beloved. One of our dogs we went to an event and came home with a dog. Another one my mom was delivering newspapers and came home with a dog. We’ve had some interesting stories behind out pets.

I do understand where this prompt is coming from though. Dogs and cats interact with humans very differently and even if some cats do seem to absolutely love their humans, I don’t think there is any doubt in anyone’s minds that they the cats see the humans as their humans rather than the cats seeing themselves as the human’s cat. Can you see this story working in your story world?

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