Writing Prompt – I Object to Death

Death is not something that people like to think about, but that’s not where the person in our prompt thought there day was going anyway in this prompt from Writing-Prompt-S. They thought they were trying to prevent someone they loved from making the next step with someone else.

It’s clear from the prompt that something major has been going on in the point of view character’s life. They have fallen in love. It is unclear if the person they are in love with knows how they feel or not, but they are in love with them. Since we don’t know if this is a reciprocal love, it is entirely possible that this is a case of obsession or just plain lust disguising itself as love.

It is also unclear, based off what is in the prompt if the person they love is there in the church at all. It is entirely possible that the person they love is in another church getting married at right that moment. Or perhaps their information was completely wrong.

What if they person they loved wasn’t going to get married or even all they heard was that there would be a ceremony for them and someone else in this church. Is it possible that the person that came back to life was the supposed partner for the one they loved or even the loved one themselves.

There are so many possibilities and we don’t know what the real case is for this story. Who do you think the person in the casket is? And do you think the person the main character was in love with is actually set to marry someone else?

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