Writing Prompt – Get Back Custody

A lot of relationships end badly. And of those that make it to marriage, a lot of them end long before “til death do us part.” It’s bad enough when there are just two people involved in the break up of a marriage, but what if they aren’t the only ones.

All too many families find out what happens when more than two people are involved in the dissolving of a marriage. Sometimes that means that there was an affair. Other times there are children involved. I tried to be as vague as I could with this one other than saying that the protagonist was married to their ex. I wanted to leave it up to people to decide all the details and that includes who the protagonist is trying to get custody of.

It could be a child or children that the couple had together. Maybe even a child or children from a previous relationship who grew up with the protagonist as more of a parent than their actual parent. It also could be a pet as most people with pets love them and want to keep them with them.

Whatever the case is, the protagonist knows their ex is dangerous. This isn’t a case of just wanting to get custody. It is a case of needing to get custody in order to protect someone they love. What kind of danger it is, I leave up to you. Do you think it is physical danger, mental, emotional? Maybe the danger they are so sure of isn’t actually real, but they are convinced of it. How do you see this playing out? Will they get back custody? And should they get back custody?

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