Writing Prompt – Game Over

I will admit, though I am a bit on the nerdy side, the idea in this prompt from Writing.Prompt.S is not really something that would occur to me.

Mostly this is because I’m just not going to care about what’s on my tombstone except from a genealogist point of view. My tombstone had better have my full first, middle, and last names. All dates must be clearly included. I don’t care if it is written out or in numbers only, but it better be clear which is the month and which is the day if it’s numbers only. I don’t care what is written on it beyond information that future generations will find useful.

While I wouldn’t do this, because when it comes to graves, my nerdism goes a very different direction, I love this.

The character in this prompt has a healthy sense of humor and it seems likely the person who put the coin in probably does as well. If I came across a grave stone like that it would definitely stop me in my tracks. My guess is I would take a picture of it and move on, but I also think I would think on it. It seems unlikely I would actually put the coin in, but I would tell others about it and maybe someone I told would be the one to do it.

I can see the sense of humor and nerdism that would have someone put this on their tombstone and the sense of humor that would have someone put a coin in the slot, but what made it work? And will it last. If it does work according to video game logic, it should stick. I assume that the main character did not pop out as a baby, but what age did they pop out as? Did they “loose experience” in the form of years making them younger than when they died? I think this could be a very interesting read.

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