Writing Prompt – Fake Villain

Super powers are real. It was one of the best days of your life when you found this out to be true. You have more power than anyone else and you want to have some fun. In this prompt from Writing-Prompt-S you a mischievous but relatively harmless person who got more power than anyone else and you want to enjoy that power, but not at the expense of anyone else.

To you it must be something like a choreographed fight for a play or a couple of playful kittens just playing around with each other and having fun. This is not so true for the people you are fighting. They think the whole thing is in earnest and that you really are a villain. This is perfectly fine until something you hadn’t predicted occurs.

You aren’t the biggest threat any more.

With a real threat on the horizon you suddenly find yourself in a possition where you have to prove to everyone that you were just playing around before and that you want to work with them to stop this new evil.

Problem is after all this time, they aren’t buying it. What do you have to do to convince the others that this time you are here to help and can you do it before time is up?

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