Writing Prompt – Descendants of Supernatural Creatures

One way that come stories show that something is off about a character, especially in the very visual media of movies and TV shows, is with the character’s eyes. A split second focused on a characters eyes changing from normal to cat eyes or snake eyes will definitely make a viewer go, wait a moment.

In this prompt by Writing with Wonders if you look carefully at people you will notice a difference. That doesn’t necessarily mean only eyes, but it almost definitely is one way they might look different.

The girl who always wears a scarf and is constantly sipping on her water bottle? She’s descended from merfolk and she’s hiding her gills. The guy who started shaving in fifth grade and always seems to have a five o’clock shadow even though he’s still only in eighth grade? Yeah, he’s descended from werewolves. The tall girl with the slightly pointed ears you only saw once because she always, always wears hats, she’s the descendant of elves. That guy who always gets the solo in absolutely everything and even has people from Nashville trying to recruit him? What if I told you he’s the descendant of sirens?

There is so much you could do with a prompt like this. Maybe they even have some latent abilities from their ancestors like the guy I mentioned who has the voice of a siren.

It says over the last centuries they disappeared because they started marrying humans. Was this a conscience effort on their part. Did they tell their children you cannot marry our kind if you want to survive? Or did it just happen as there became more ways for traveling and people spread out more. Maybe some of these supernatural creatures hadn’t seen humans until a certain point and when they did, they were interested in them. Or maybe they saw how when some of their people did have children with humans, it became easier for their children and while they didn’t actually forbid their kids from marrying in kind, they encouraged them to find a human to marry or at least have children with.

What do you think brought about this change?

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