Writing Prompt – Classmates Attack

Like many of my prompts, this one was taken from an idea I made into a fanfic. None of the characters in the prompt are from the original fandom, though two have a connection to someone from the original series. The she in the prompt is a college student who comes across her boyfriend attacking another student. Not sure what’s going on, she protects the other student and then confronts her boyfriend who reveals a pact he made that gave him power, but in exchange he was told to kill this boy.

That’s the short version of what happened in my fic, but you can do anything you want with it. My fic involved magic, all three having it in one form or another, though the boyfriend’s powers are artificial. I had a lot of fun establishing these characters.

As none of them are the focus of the series, the aftermath of these events plays out in the background with you slowly hearing little things from the girl as she talks to the main characters about what’s going on in her life or they mention worrying about her after this event or that event happens. I don’t currently have any plans for one of them to show up again in the series, but in case anyone actually is reading both my fanfics and my blog I won’t say which one and who knows maybe I will find a way to logically bring him back. I do like the character.

While most people wouldn’t say college is easy, it’s generally not so bad that you have to stop two people from killing each other. I say generally, because I have certainly heard situations where this has happened. I would like to believe these are the exception rather than the rule and they are definitely not something I have experienced myself.

Although this is based off a story with magic, I did try to make it as unrelated to magic as possible in the actual prompt and I think I managed that. It can still work with magic, so if your magical college or magical characters in college are involved in an altercation, this could work for that or it could involve nonmagical means of trying to kill each other such as is seen in the picture above.

I also tried to keep the actual relationships of my characters out of the prompt. They are still all college students, but in the prompt it doesn’t say any more than that. They might all know each other or they might be complete strangers. With my characters two of them were dating and I think the one coming to stop them knew the other in passing while the two fighting didn’t actually know each other at all. They were only fighting because someone else wanted to eliminate one of them and the other was in the debt of that person due to an event in the past. If you were to use this prompt how would you have these three characters know or not know each other prior to this incident?

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