Writing Prompt – Beloved Politician

There are a lot of bad politicians out there. It’s hard to believe anyone would deny that fact. What some people might deny is that there are also good politicians. Of course there are though, in both cases. With this being an election year here in the USA, I thought it would be interesting to make a prompt about that concept.

In this prompt that I wrote things are not as they seem. The point of view character knows something bad about a politician that everyone believes is absolutely wonderful. What they know is entirely up to you, but it’s bad. It’s something that either the politician or someone close to them would do great harm, maybe even kill, to keep quiet. What is the secret? Why does this character know it? Who is threatening them? Is anyone actually threatening them or is it just general knowledge of what will happen if they talk?

A rival politician approaches them asking for help. Is this because they know the character knows something or is there another reason? Is this politician any better than the first? If the first politician would do them harm, can this second politician protect them? In what way are the two politicians rivals? Are they political rivals or are they rivals who just happen to both be politicians?

It’s hard to know the answers to the questions and depending on what way you take it, the story could be massively different. What do you think the first politician is trying to hide and should the point of view character let the world know what happened? Or are the stakes too high?

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