Writing Prompt – Assassin’s Grandchild

This prompt is actually a follow up on another prompt I wrote. In that prompt you had the daughter of an assassin trying to protect the victims of her community. This one is after she managed to find people she can trust and had at least one child of her own. She might have retired from trying to stop them or she might still be working hard on that.

Whichever it is, the community she came from has not forgotten her and, more importantly, they have not forgiven her.

Now with a child of her own she sees the position her own mother must have been in and does everything to keep her child safe and unaware of what she does, or if she retired, what she used to do.

And then one day her child is gone. Not dead, just gone. She stepped on one too many toes and they want to use her child against her. She doesn’t know if her child is alive or dead, only that they are nowhere to be found and someone she ones knew is responsible.

With her daughter missing she must decide what actions to take to get them back. Does she take on this foe on her own? Does she go to others for help? Is there anyone she can trust? She has saved a lot of people over the years or at least she’s tried. Maybe there are some allies there. Then there is the father of her child, if there is one. Maybe she adopted her child or had one using a donor. If she managed to save anyone there likely were people who were grateful and gave her some sort of compensation, so those could be options.

Time is likely limited. There may be a potential victim at risk whom she has to decide if she is going to keep trying to protect or go after her child. What do you think she will do? And will she save her child?

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