Writing Prompt – Adoption Talk with Mom

Adoption is a wonderful situation so long as there is love, just as any parenting situation is wonderful so long as there is love. If a child is adopted as a baby or a very young child there is a point when that child needs to be told that they are adopted. It is up to their parents to decide when to sit them down and let them know and it is up to their parents to make sure they know that they are loved and wanted.

What if long after that talk has been had there is a reason for another talk a much less common talk in adoption cases. Imagine if you will a situation where you know you are adopted, but one of your parents doesn’t.

It doesn’t seem possible, does it.

In this story the main character is a boy or young man, though of course a girl could be used instead, who was adopted as an infant. It doesn’t say if he has any older sisters, only that he is the first son. It implies that he is also the first child, but it can be taken differently if you wanted. Your mom went into a coma when she was giving birth to her first son and since then you were adopted and your dad has died. It’s crazy right? Never could happen, right?

Except this character has probably wondered about meeting their dad’s wife, the woman who is technically, legally their mom, all of their life. Now she is the only parent they have and she doesn’t know her child is adopted.

How would you have the character handle this situation? How does the mom handle the news?

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