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This new addition to the map makers series is another one that talks about how to make maps as well as some of the tools you can use to make them. I love the mindset of the author on Where the Map Ends. This line in the article, “that’s okay, because we’re weird enough that we enjoy making up pretend worlds,” especially makes me smile. I don’t know that it actually is weird to want to create something new, but even if it is, I’m weird and proud of it, so I’m good with this line of thinking.


The first thing the article recommends is another website called Profantasy which is quite the trove of different map making software programs. We may look into it deeper at a later date.

The author of the article discusses a couple of those software programs that they find the best. I have to say, they got my curiosity perked. In addition the programs seem to work together.

NBOS Software

While Profantasy focused on a world, this next one has something pretty uncommon from what I’ve seen. NBOS Software has a software that you create things out in space, which would be great for the sci-fi authors out there as well as fantasy writers who are using space travel in their stories or who want to create the entire galaxy their planet is in.

Character and Plot Creation

Unfortunately the next software, which is for character creation, something from their own site, does not appear to still be available. They do have a link to a site which has random character and plot generation. It also has a place generation section which is quite interesting and we will look at closer at another time. There is a second one that also doesn’t seem to work and a couple additional odds an ends that you might find interesting while working on creating your maps.

Although it looks like this website is not as active as it used to be, it still has some interesting information and some useful links to check out. What do you like best about it?

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