The Votes Are In For the Belly Ballot

Belly Ballot is an interesting baby name website with an interesting name. It gives you a lot of freedom for finding names on their site. As with many of the sites I have looked at, Belly Ballot has lists of names that you can look at such as Cowpoke Names, Last Names For First, and Brainiac Names.

They have the names divided up by ethnicity as well, but with a nice little twist. In the drop down menu they divide up that list by location, so that if you are looking for a name from a certain continent, it’s quicker to figure out which ethnicities you should be looking at. With fifty-one categories in all, there is a lot of choices to look under spanning from African to Yiddish.

The site also has a bit of a twist on the popular names through the years. Instead of listing them in order for each year, they have them collected into decades with each list being alphabetical and searchable starting with the 1920s. This allows you to not worry about how popular a name was and only worry about if the name was popular enough to make the list in the decade you are looking for, a valuable tool to fiction writers trying to find time appropriate name for their characters in the USA.

There are a lot of useful tools on this site. What do you find the most interesting here?

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