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Many websites for expectant and new parents have sections on naming. With a selection of over 40,000 names, one such website is The Bump.

The Bump has a lot of different lists for prospective parents and authors to look through for inspiration. Included on the site is a Baby Name Finder which allows you to look for names based off gender, first letter of the name, and country of origin. Country of origin includes 52 possible options including uncertain if you want a name that is not known to be connected with any particular country of origin.

Included among the lists, the main page includes the four most popular lists which are Baby Girl Names, Baby Boy Names, Unisex Baby Names, and Baby Name Lists. The last one is a link to all the lists of which the site says there are 138, although 52 of these lists are the names from each letter of the alphabet by gender and another 52 for each of the countries of origin previously mentioned.

Although I find their popular names list a little on the confusing side, some of their other lists are quite interesting. Some of the ones that interest me the most are Baby Middle Names and Creative Baby Names. What are some of your favorite lists on this site?

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