Writing Prompt – Mystic Bow

It would be bad enough to learn that the person you loved didn’t love you, but imagine if you will being twenty-six-years-old on your wedding day and learning that the person you loved not only didn’t love you, but they... Read more

Dialogue Prompt – I Never Did

This dialogue prompt from Ruby Rumsey is a very sad one. Everyone wants to be loved and the first speaker is being clear that love was not on the agenda for their relationship. As with all prompts, this is up... Read more

Writing Prompt – Immortal In Love

This prompt is a little dark since it involves the main character’s wife trying to kill them. At the same time there is some humor in the fact that the main character can’t die and is actively just letting her... Read more

Writing Prompt – I Love You Villain

This is the first prompt I have brought here from Food for Thought writing prompts, which appear to be by Addison Brooks. I couldn’t find a website for Addison, so I am including a link to the pinterest board instead.... Read more

Character Bank – Rival Half-Siblings

This is the first character bank entry I have made that I am including on here. I have others that will be making an appearance over the next year and I hope you like them. This one is inspired by... Read more

Dialogue Prompt – Sarcasm

This prompt from The Fake Redhead is a definitely one that fits under the betrayal or trust category I mentioned previously. As the first person says, it’s hard to know if this is sarcasm or not. It’s only one word,... Read more

Writing Prompt – Villain’s Love

One of the first questions that comes to mind is wondering what exactly is the villains goal. Obviously using the love interest against the hero is not uncommon, but what is the villain trying to accomplish. It’s left open to... Read more

Writing Prompt – Younger Sister

Imagine living in a world where superheroes and supervillains are real. Have you got that image in your head? Okay, good. Now, think about your siblings, especially if they are younger. If you don’t have any think about your friends... Read more

Dialogue Prompt – Kissing You

This one makes me laugh. It’s an altogether very serious subject depending on what actually happened, but it still makes me laugh. Considering how little is here, there really isn’t a lot that we know about this situation. We don’t... Read more

Dialogue Prompt – The Grad Student and the Superhero

If you ask me, there is something very fun about superheroes. It’s this ability to read or watch stories about characters who can do things that we can never do, but we’d like to imagine we can do. Imagine for... Read more