Character Bank – Oldest Sibling

With many of my writing prompts I try to keep them gender neutral, but with this one I wanted to put a male child in this role rather than leave it to either. You can of course change that and... Read more

Character Bank – Tall Elf

There are some very common stereotypes for elves just as with any other common fantasy race. Some of the most common are thanks to J.R.R. Tolkien’s fictional Middle Earth and the elves that resided there, such as tall, ethereal, and... Read more

Writing Prompt – Beloved Politician

There are a lot of bad politicians out there. It’s hard to believe anyone would deny that fact. What some people might deny is that there are also good politicians. Of course there are though, in both cases. With this... Read more

Writing Prompt – Get Back Custody

A lot of relationships end badly. And of those that make it to marriage, a lot of them end long before “til death do us part.” It’s bad enough when there are just two people involved in the break up... Read more

Writing Prompt – Weather and Fate

Nature is something that we seek to control and generally cannot. Weather is one such aspect of nature. What if you grew up in a culture that believed that weather was more than just nature interacting with itself. In the... Read more

Writing Prompt – Country to the North

It is always preferable to be at peace with your neighbors at least for most people. In this prompt I consider the idea of a broken relationship between two neighboring countries formerly at peace. There are many countries all over... Read more

Writing Prompt – Soldier’s Heart

This prompt, like some of the others was inspired by something I read. I took the bare basics and made them into a prompt. As written it works best in either fantasy or religious fiction, depending of course on if... Read more

Dialogue Prompt – Zero

Relationships are hard. Anyone who ever tells you otherwise either has not been in a relationship recently or they are not the one putting in the effort in the relationship. It can be easy to coast in a relationship where... Read more

Writing Prompt – Dead Friend

This prompt is a little different than my other ones in that while it did come out of my head, it is in regard to a story I’m planning to write and not one I have written or just a... Read more

Writing Prompt – Humans Are Real

In this new prompt, I played with an idea that has popped into my head several times while watching anime mostly. There are some stories where non humans are rare to see or a human pulled to another world sees... Read more