Same Spell Casting Story, Rejected Title

Spell Caster has gone through a lot since I first conceived it and this is the biggest one yet.

Originally it was the second book in the series, but I soon came to realize that there were too many disparate stories in there, so I took the spell caster part of the story out and renamed the story Hunter. That story went through another split, but with removing Todd and Dan’s storyline from the original story, I had to find a new place for it. It bounced around and found a place after Observer, but after actually working on Observer, I found reason to move once, again, this time before Observer.

I thought that had settled it, but when I started working on it this month, something became clear. This story had little to do with spell casters and that is important for a book that has that as the title. The title kind of needs to have to do with the story within.

It didn’t take much to find a new home for the title Spell Caster, since I have a character from Fate that is just as good of a spell caster as Todd is, maybe better. And once I realized that I was going to tell another story about Michael Regan, which story was ever easier to determine. The back story for Fate is one I really think needs to be told. Bits of it are told by characters throughout Fate, but so much of it isn’t told. I think that title has found a good home . . . and this story is pushed back yet again, because I think that story should be closer to Fate, probably right after Guardian.

As for the new title of this one, I have decided on Rejector. Rejectors, in terms of this story universe, are people who are aware of the supernatural existent within the world, but want nothing to do with it. In some cases, such as with the rejector this one is named for, they will go to rather extreme measures to keep the supernatural out of their world.

They are different from hunters in that hunters seek to get rid of the supernatural outside of their normal sphere or to contain it, depending on the type of hunter. Rejectors just wish to pretend it doesn’t exist.

Sometimes books get new names on reprintings. What are some books you’ve read (or written) that have gotten a name change and what do you think of that name change?

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