Roll for Fantasy Map Creator

After spending some time playing around with this one, I can definitely say that I like it a lot. I created a simple, single large island land mass with some mountains and vegetation.

It’s a little cluttered, but I was trying to show a lot of the different things that can be used in this program rather than actually trying to create a map that will work for my stories.

I think this will come in handy in the future and I will definitely be playing with it further. The site is called Roll for Fantasy, so obviously it’s geared toward fantasy, but it could work just as well for science fiction that takes place on another planet if someone wanted to. There are a lot of functions that you can play with and the grid is just a guideline that can be removed if you need it to be with just the push of a button.

Up higher on the page there are examples of what can be done to make the images you create here into a better map that shows more of what you want it to be, both of which are pretty interesting to look at. It’s even possible to save it both to the site and on your local computer, both of which are useful tools to have with something like this that might be a longer project. What do you think of this map making tool? Is it something you would use?

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